Informatica Navigator is not fixed.. How to set it as a part of the screen

Hello All,

At times the Informatica Navigator screen does not stay fixed in the right hand section of the screen and it is annoying and we tried finding all the possibilities to get it back to how it was. It takes away a good amount of time to resolve this small glitch. Every body gets through it but then forgets what they did and hence I am  posting this for reference.

Well the next time the Informatica Navigator is not fixed what you have to do is 🙂

Right click on “Repositories” in Repository Navigator window and choose to enable “Allow Docking” first, and  then double click on the navigator title bar. It will dock the navigator window toward left side of main window.

It will work fine. Thanks to the posts in Informatica which helped a lot. I am providing the link for it below for your reference as well. 


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