Configuring Scheduler in OBIEE 11g

Hello All,

This post is the process of configuring scheduler in OBIEE 11g. This is a very simple process in 11g as compared to 10g where we had to do certain number of steps. Here all we have to do is enter the mail information in the Enterprise Manager. This is quickly how you can configure the scheduler in 11g

1. Login into you Enterprise Manager and go to the Mail section

2. Enter the SMTP Server information provided by the username and password of your company. This is done for authentication purpose

3. Apply the changes and then you are done.

4. To test these changes we will have to go to the Analysis and create an ibot. For receipients add a email address and save the changes. Click on run now and you should be receiving an email with the delivery content which you have provided.

I have tested this and works fine and this is a very simple process. Till next time.

Cheers !!

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