Installing Git on your local

Hello All,

I was exploring Github and Git and really love the whole concept of this process. I would like to share how to install Git which is the local repository and GitHub which is the social platform where you can publish your work and collaborate with others.

Before you install Git you will need an account in GitHub. Once that is done you will have to create a project in GitHub,

For configuring and pushing objects from Git to Git Hub follow this link. Please follow the below steps first before you  doing this.


Configuring Git to Connect with GitHub



Then follow the process below for installing Git


  1. Get the software.

    To get the software follow the following link below



Install the software it’s pretty straight forward. Just in one of the steps make sure to choose Git and Unix tools because we will be using Unix commands for all of the operations.



  1. After the installation open the Git Bash



Your now done with the installation the next steps would be configuring the Git to connect with your GitHub account. By doing so you can develop your project in your Git and when you want to publish you can use the Git Bash to push your changes to GitHub. Please click the link below for the steps to configure Git to connect with GitHub.

Configuring Git to Connect with GitHub


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