Configuring Git to Connect with GitHub

Here we will learn how to configure Git and publish your changes from Git to GitHub.

  1. To learn how to install Git please follow the link below

Installing Git

  1. Once you have installed Git the first step is to open Git Bash and configure your                       user id and user email id. Please make sure to enter the same userid and password                  you have used to create an account in GitHub.


The same way add your email id and the command is as follows


  1. Once you have done that then the next step would be to clone the repository from Github. Here I have created a project call Rolling-Housing Sales-NYC. Click on the project repository and go to clone and copy the link as below


Then type in the following command in unix


Now you see I have the whole project cloned in by local.


  1. Now the third step would be to push your changes from Git to GitHub.

For that I have added a file in Source and now I want this file to be pushed to GitHub for that we have to write the following commands.

  • Here we are adding the object which we need to push


  • Then we check the status. As you can see our file is listed as new file


  • Now we commit the changes



  • After we commit the changes we can push the objects to Github. First time users will be asked to enter their user id and password after the below command is executed.




Now lets check in GitHub if our file has been synced.



In this way we can code or make changes in Git and once we want to publish our code we can just sync our changes to Git Hub as above.



Jethin Abraham

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