Best practices for setting up MUD – Multi User Development in OBIEE 11g

What is MUD ?

—Multiuser development (MUD) provides a mechanism for concurrent development on overlapping code bases.It provides a built-in versioning system for repository development.

How does MUD Work ?

  • —Several developers work concurrently on subsets of the metadata and then merge these subsets back into a master repository without their work conflicting with other developers.
  • —Administrator creates projects in the repository file in the Administration Tool, located in shared network directory (called the multiuser development directory)
  • —Developers are able to check out projects, make changes and then merge the changes into the master repository.


How to implement MUD ?

  • —First we have to set the path pointing to the shared folder
  • —For that choose Tools –> Option and then browse to the MUD path.
  • —Set your name as Full Name as shown below.



  • —To make changes go to Multi User and checkout



  • Choose the project that you will be working on




  • —Then save the metadata to the following location mentioned below


  • —It is recommended to save the rpd with the following format mentioned below



  • —Once saving the metadata then you can work on your projects which you have selected


  • —After making changes then compare with original and then Publish the changes to the network



Once this process is complete then the changes will be merged to the original repository in the MUD location.




I will be writing another article to show how to migrate the projects from one environment to another . Stay tuned !!



Jethin Abraham


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