FAILED_TO_APPLY_CHANGES error while uploading the RPD

Hello All,

Its been a while that I have written something . I was busy with work and encountered this issue which I thought of posting it and could be helpful.


While uploading the rpd as usual I logged into EM (Enterprise Manager) and deployed the rpd. After clicking the activate changes option it was taking longer than expected. Once it was done, I got a pop up error stating ‘Commit failed’ . Restarting the BI Services went fine but the rpd changes were not promoted.




How to fix

  1. First do a consistency check on the rpd and see if there are any errors. There were no errors for me.
  2. Check the nqserver.logs
  3. Check the presentation server logs
  4. Check your connections.


There were no results checking all these logs. Checking the bi_server_diagnostic.logs which helped me to resolve the issue. An entry in my odbc connection was not right because of which the rpd was not able to promote changes.  After editing the  entries (which were added earlier in the file) and uploading the rpd once again helped me resolve the issue.



Jethin Abraham



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