Scheduled Job Still Running even though its deleted and not in Managed Jobs

Hello Everyone,



I got a request to add a user to a distribution list for a scheduled BI Publisher job which runs every day at 9:00 am. When I went looking for the job in Report Job section it wasn’t there. However when I went to Report History section I could see the jobs were running successfully.


After talking to Oracle it seems that its a bug in BI Publisher. If a report job was created by User A and then deleted by User B it gets deleted from the UI but the underlying tables still have the information.


Oracle provided a solution to resolve this issue



1.      Find the Parent Job ID

SELECT DISTINCT issuer, owner, parent_job_id
FROM   xmlp_sched_job
WHERE  user_job_name LIKE ‘Report Name’
              AND parent_job_id is not null;

2. Purge the hobs in the following order from the Quartz tables.


delete fromQRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS where trigger_name =1234;
delete from QRTZ_TRIGGERS where trigger_name =1234;
delete from QRTZ_JOB_DETAILS where job_name =1234;

You should be good to go. !!

Jethin Abraham


One thought on “Scheduled Job Still Running even though its deleted and not in Managed Jobs

  1. HI Jethin. Do you know if this issue is actually fixed in any later versions after OBIEE
    Thanks Nicolai


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