Installation and Upgrading of Informatica 9.1 in RedHat Linux

Hi All,

Its been a while since I have written an article. Well I was a bit busy and felt this task a bit accomplishing and wanted to post this article so that it would be helpful for a few others.

Basically the main goal of this project is to upgrade from Informatica 8.1 to 9.1. Here the 9.1 is installed in a new machine and they wanted the upgraded version of the Informatica in the new machine and retiere the old machine. Down below you will find the steps to do this task starting from installing the Informatica 9.1 in a new machine and steps to upgrade from 8.1 to 9.1. Stay tuned and  enjoy.


Installation of Informatica 9.1 on RedHat Linux


Pre requisites for Installation

  •  Grant privileges to the users informatica and inf_rep for the installation purposes
  • Sudo privileges to a user in the Red Hat Linux box for installation purposes.
  •  Directory to be provided for installation purposes with the owner as the sudo user.
–          Provided directory for installation was Informatica
  •   Copy the installation software in a folder where the sudo user is the owner and has proper privileges.
–         The Informatica software’s are copied over to /Informatica/Software directory
  • Oracle Client has to be installed for the Informatica to talk to the Oracle Database.
  •  Environmental Variables for the Client have to set up in the .profile.
–         Please find below the Environmental Variables set in the .profile of s-cssprd
# Oracle
ORACLE_SID=orcl_9.1; export ORACLE_SID
ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/; export ORACLE_HOME
export TNS_ADMIN=/var/opt/oracle
LANG=C; export LANG
export LC_ALL=C
  • The Informatica Database schema of 8.1 to be copied to the desired environment where the up gradation is to take place
–         Here the Informatica 8.1 schema pcenter81 was copied over from orcl_8.1 to inf_rep with service name orcl_9.1
  • Create  a directory for the installation of Informatica 9.1 and provide privileges
–         Created a directory Informatica_9.1
–          mkdir /Informatica/Informatica_9.1
chmod -777 /Informatica/Informatica_9.1

Steps for installation

1. Go to the path where the installation is stored and run the script by the following command after entering into the 1downloaded folder path

Please Note: Once this command is run wait for a few minutes for further instructions

2. The next it will ask for do you want to continue

    Click Y
 3. You will be asked to choose among 3 option shown below and choose one which is to do installation or upgrade Informatica
Option: 1
4.  Then you will be asked whether you want to install Informatica using the GUI Mode or command mode. If you have the X windows support then choose the option G else C. The installation was done in console mode so I chose the option
Option: C
5. The interface for the installation will come up as shown in the screenshot below
6.  Provide the license key file provided by Informatica in the first option. In the second browse to the location where you want the Informatica to be installed.
– Enter the installation path – /Informatica/Informatica_9.1
7 This being a fresh installation then we can create a new domain. Choose the first option
Database Type:                Oracle
Database User ID:           informatica
User Password:                inform
Database Address:           localhost:3201
Database Service Name:  orcl_9.1
Configuring the database connection – Choose 1 (JDBC URL)
For JDBC Parameter : Click Enter to choose the default values
This is an example of the GUI interface and put in the values at the appropriate fields
11. Enter the information for the domain creation
Domain Name: Domain_jabraham_Prod
Node host name – Default provided with the server name
Node Name: Default provided with the server name
Port: 6005
Domain User name:  Administrator
Domain Password: Administrator
12. Click Enter and the domain will be created
13. Your installation summary is provided
14. To validate the installation is complete traverse to the link provided http://localhost:6008

Possible Errors during installation

1. Proper privileges not set for the installation folders
2. Proper privileges not set for the directory where the installation is desired to be stored
3. Proper database privileges to the user for creation of domain and repository schema.
If the prerequisites are met and permissions are provided appropriately then the installation should go without any issues.



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