Configuring and Upgrading Informatica 8.1 to 9.1

 Pre -Requisites

There are mainly 2 steps
1.      Set the Environmental Variables
  The Environmental Variables have to be set in the .profile mentioned below
# Oracle and Informatica Settings
ORACLE_SID=orcl_9.1; export ORACLE_SID
ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/; export ORACLE_HOME
INFA_HOME=/Informatica/Informatica_9.1; export INFA_HOME
export ODBCINI=$ODBCHOME/odbc.ini
export TNS_ADMIN=
LANG=C; export LANG
export LC_ALL=C
PATH=$PATH:/Informatica/Informatica_9.1/server/bin; export PATH
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/Informatica/Informatica_9.1/server/bin:$ODBCHOME/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
2.      Change the Host Name in the opb_reposit schema in inf_rep
The host name mentioned in the opb_reposit would be of the production hostname. The hostname has to be changed to the current box gaxpoa152vu. Run the following scripts
update opb_reposit
set reposit_name=’hostname’
where recid=2 and dataversion=6005;
1.       Login to the Admin Console and click on Create a Repository Services
2.      Enter the Repository Name and choose the node and the license.
Note : The Repository Name should be the same as that of the Production Name
3.      Enter the Schema information of the new environment where the 8.1 tables have been copied over. Choose the option ‘Content exists in specified connection string. Do not create a new content’
4.      Once you click on finish you will be directed to the screen with the message mentioned below
5.      Once you see the message it means that the Informatica 9.1 has recognized the tables and is ready for the upgrade process. For the upgrade process to be initiated go to the right corned
Actions –>Repository Content–>Upgrade
6.      Enter the Admin console username and password to start the upgrade process
7.      The upgrade process has started
8.      After the upgrade you will be directed to another message to upgrade the users and group as shown below.
9.      Go to Actions –> Repository Content –> Upgrade Users and Groups. Then apply the Admin console user credentials. Make sure you untick the option Use existing ‘Administrator’ and ‘Public groups’
10.    For Resolution choose the option merge with current user option
11.    After clicking on the option Upgrade the users and groups have been upgraded successfully
12.    After this process we have to create the Integration services. For this we have to make sure the Repository Properties Operation Mode is changed from Exclusive to Normal.
13.    Once the Operation mode is changed disable and enable the service once again. Then in Domain choose the option to create a New Integration Services
14.    Provide the Integration Services name (It would be good to keep the name as that of the Production version)
15.    Provide the Repository Content Information and Admin Console information.
16.    Once you click finish make sure you set the Code Page correctly.
17.    Once this process is completed, enable the Integration Services.
18.    The configuration is complete and install the Informatica 9.1 Client to view the workflows and mappings

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