Multimedia in Dashboard

Playing Video in Dashboard

Now a days people want all the Dashboard really interactive. Imagine if you can play a video clip in your Dashboard along with all the other reports. Yes this is possible. Just follow the steps below.

1. Turn on the IIS feature from the Control Panel.

2. Reboot the computer. Go to C Drive and in the select all the hidden folders.
 Traverse to the path C:\inetpub\wwwroot and create a folder inside this location with all the multimedia file.(In my case I created a folder Babs and placed a video Jethin). Make sure that you have the video in wmv format.

3.Go to command prompt and restart the IIS services. Type in the following command

  iisreset /noforce

4. The video file can be accessible using this URL-


 5. Now in order to ensure that the iis is working open a browser and type in localhost.

6. Now edit a Dashboard and add Text object something like this with the url mentioned on the 4 step.

    Put this kind of code.


PS: Please check the HTML check box and Preview your changes

Save the changes and view the video in the Dashboard

Enjoy !!!

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