Repository and Catalog Upgradation from 10g to 11g

If we have a rpd and catalog in 10g then there is no need to recreate it as there is this option in 11g where you can upgrade your rpd and catalog. The steps are given below-

1. Go to the path OracleHome/Oracle_BI/bin  and run the uat.bat file

2. After running the file you will see the screen as shown below.

3. Follow the next step where the details have to be added.

1.RPD File: Browse to the 10g RPD Location

2. Provide the username and password of the 10g rpd

3. Enter the new password which you require for your 11g

4.Browse the path of the 10g catalog

4. Then in the next screen provide the weblogic(Administrator) username and details.

5. Then in the next screen click on upgrade and it is sure to work

Note: Once when we click upgrade then what happens is that the opmn services will be brought down and the upgraded rpd will get loaded into the application. What I meant is that after upgradation if you check the Fusion Middleware screen you will see that the upgraded rpd will be automatically loaded.

6. Then we will have to create a TNS name for the upgraded RPD so that it can talk to the database. For a oracle database always go for a OCI connection To more about it click on the link below

1. Provide the TNS entry of the database which the 10g was talking to.
2. Open the RPD and right click on a column for view data to check the results.

7. After all this when you open the Analytics you will see the Reports and Dashboards with the 11g features.

Cheers !!


[BIEE] [ERROR] [upgrade.BIEE] Cannot refresh – Currently locked[[

You are upgrading OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11g using the Upgrade Assistant.  You have upgraded the repository successfully, but when you upgrade the web catalog, you get the following error:
[2011-03-09T13:38:25.565-05:00] [BIEE] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 13] [ecid: 0000IuRtnAxFw000jzwkno1DTwWL000004,0] Cannot refresh – Currently locked[[

There is a lock on the web catalog in Enterprise Manager.


1. Search through Enterprise Manager and release any locks.
2. Stop and re-start Weblogic and the managed servers.
3. Start Upgrade Assistant and try upgrading the web catalog again.

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