Issue :+++ ThreadID: f3c : 2012-07-30 15:18:21.548 iBotID: /users/administrator/_ibots/test jul 30 -1 [nQSError: 75006] Failed to send MAIL command. AUTH first (#5.5.1)

Answers: I had faced this issue and after a lot of trials it seems from the logs it is the SMTP issue.  

Well what I did was in the Job Manager in the Scheduler Configuration tab when clicked we get another sub- tab named Mail. 

In that we I configured the company email id and earlier the Authentication part was not ticked but once I ticked that and for the SMTP server verification the username and password I placed my companu user name and password. After saving this , rerun the services and after that once you run the iBot again it is sure to work as it worked for me.

Cheers !!!



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