String Aggregation in OBIEE

Hello All,

There was a requirement of aggregating multiple row values to one row. This is a requirement of summarizing the data which is easily achievable using SQL. However this article will provide you information on how to do it in OBIEE.



Here there are different employees in different department .



And you  would want to see it as below.


string aggregation


For this you would have to use the EVALUATE Function.

EVALUATE_AGGR(‘LISTAGG(%1,%2) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY %3 DESC)’,”Dim – Campaign “.”Employee_Name”,’,’,”Dim – Campaign “.”Employee_Name”)


The separator is ‘,’ which can be modified based on your requirement .



Jethin Abraham



One thought on “String Aggregation in OBIEE

  1. I desperately want this to work, however, it doesn’t. I get a syntax error. I’m using this in the presentation layer.


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