Steps to create Master Repository and Work repository in ODI

Hi All,

Using the normal configuration of the ODI sometimes the screen hangs at the stage of creation of Agents. In that case the best possible method is to create the Master repository and the Work Repository Manually.

Please find the steps below

Creation of Master Repository

1. First we have to create schema for the Master Repository
    Connect as sys(Administrator) and then create a user ODI_MASTER




create user sysdba identified by system;


grant connect,resource to sysdba


grant dba to sysdba
I will tell you why you should create a user sysdba
2. Click File -> New from the menu after starting ODI client

3. Now click Master Repository Creation Wizardfrom the pop up window

4. Enter the information to connect to your database. It is here where you have to provide sysdba as you DBA username and system as the password created in the 1 step . Otherwise you will face error ODI-23049
Click Test to validate

5. Now select ODI authentication mode

6.Select  Internal Password Storage and click Storage. and Click Finish

7. Now the master repository is successfully created.


I will update you with the rest soon.

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