Resetting Weblogic Password in OBIEE 11G

There are many chances that we forget the password of the weblogic after we not using  it for a while. I have posted this method in another post where I had faced the same issue and resolved it.

But this is also the same way. If you forget your weblogic password all you have to do is go the following path


Here change the rename the file and start the weblogic. By doing so you will be prompted to enter the username and password and the process will continue. If you will observe later a new file will be created with a new encrypted password.

Now you are all set to use the new weblogic password.

PS-In most of the cases this will resolve the issue  but in some cases when you restart the weblogic services the error still persist and the username and password doesn’t get encrypted.

In such cases there is another alternative go to the config. xml location in the Path folder location

In this find for the node

Copy the very same user name and password in the file and start the services. In my case it is weblogic and the password is ”{AES}bllAojyeSO8rBPboZ78IoHF4lRl9Aqq64RzL/erty23=”.
Once the services are started then you can see the username getting encrypted.

Njoy !!

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