Installation of BI Apps

Hello everybody, I had a chance to install the BI Apps for OBIEE 11G and thought of sharing with you all. Please find the steps below for the installation of BI Apps

1. Download the zip file of the link mentioned below.


2. After extracting the file browse through the folder Oracle BI_Application and click on setup.

3. Click Next 

4. Provide the proper path for the OBIEE_HOME location,Oracle_instance and Domain Home Location as shown below.

5. Start the OBIEE Services and provide the Port Number Username and Password setup at the time of OBIEE Installation.

NOTE: If you get an error unable to connect to the Weblogic Node Manager then what we have to do is to start it manually. For that manually browse to the following path and click on the Node Manager. You will get a screen something as shown below. 

Start Menu –> Oracle WebLogic –> Weblogic Server 11GR1 –>Tools –>Node Manager

 Once this step is done then click back and press next in the steps of installation which will lead you to the screen mentioned below.

6. Choose which installation you want as a part of the BI APPS.

7. Once this is done you will get a summary from where when you click next the installation will start

 8. The installation will take around 5-10 minuted depending on the products you choose to install.

9. Once this is done traverse to the path OBIEE_HOME\Oracle_BI1\biapps\repository

10. Open the RPD by the Administration Tool and you can see the RPD

Walla your BI Apps have been installed.

Cheers !!

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