Creation of Users and Groups

Users and Groups are created using the Weblogic Server Administration Console. It is easier to create users and assign the users to groups. Oracle strongly recommends to assign Application Roles to the groups and not to the users.

1. In order to create a user first we have to go to the console which will be a path somthing like this 



2. Then go to the Security realms on the left corner and after clicking it go to my realm



 3. Once you click that there will be another tab Users and Group and it is in this we have to create a new user   and Group. I created a user called QAnalyst1.

4. For setting up the Application Roles we have to go to the Enterprise Console. The linl will be like this 



Here in this we have to go to Business Intelligence > coreapplication then Right click and choose Application Roles.




Here we can create Application Roles or assign users to Application roles.

5. Once this is done then we have to log into Analytics as Administrator and provide privilege to this Application Role.

6. Make sure that when we give privilege to this user or group in the Dashboards.right cli

7. Then this is an important step, the catalog or the folders where the reports are generated , the permission have to be set for that folder. for that when  you click Home (this is one method) choose the folder where the reports are placed and choose ‘Permissions right clicking the folder. Set the permission for the user and group and make sure that the  you tick the box to access the folders and sub-folders. Once this is done logout and then Login as the new user.

7. You will then see the Dashboard page.

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