Using Master Detail View in OBIEE 11G

Master-detail linking of views allows you to establish a relationship between two or more views such that one view, called the master view, will drive data changes in one or more other views, called detail views.

Master Column – To set up a master column, you have to fill the interaction tab of the column properties to send master-detail events on a specified channel.

   Detail View
A detail view is a view that listens for and responds to master-detail events sent by a master view on a specified channel.

       A view becomes a detail view, when you set up the view to listen to master-detail events.

The following types of views can be detail views:
       Funnel graph
       Pivot table
A detail view:
       Can listen for master-detail events from multiple master views
       Can be in the same analysis as the master view or in a different analysis
       Cannot act as a master to another view


I pulled 3 columns Product, Brand and Revenue and my intention is that on clicking on the Master Report say column Product all the other Details Views related to the Master View should change values.
Bit confusing well will just follow the steps below

1.       Create a Analysis with any columns of your concern. Here I have taken these 3 columns.


2.       Check for the result



3.       Then  for the column where you want the function (for eg here im taking the product column), take Column Properties of the product column and in the Interaction Tab do the following changes.


4.       Now  save this report as the Master Report. After that create another report with one of the column as a product column and the other as any other column of your interest. Then here I want my detail report as  a bar graph so here


5.       Save the report as Detail_1 and now apply these 2 reports in the Dashboard and click on values in the Master Table and you can see the slider changing simultaneously in your detail view.

Walla it works Cheers!!!!

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